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The bellissim story of the red cappuccett

One mattin Cappuccet Red`s mamma dissed:
“Dear Cappuccett, take this cest to the nonn, but attention to the lup that is very ma very kattiv!
And torn prest! Good luck! And in bocc at the lup!”.
Cappuccett didn`t cap very well this ultim thing but went away, da sol, with the cest.
Cammining cammining, in the cuor of the forest, at acert punt she incontered the lup,
who dissed: “Hi! Piccula piezz`egirl! `Ndove do you go?”.
“To the nonn with this little cest, which is little
but it is full of a sacc of chocolate and biscots
and panettons and more and mirtills”, she dissed.
“Ah, mannagg `a Maruschella (maybe an expression com:
what a cul that had) dissed the lup, with a fium of saliv out of the bocc.
And so the lup dissed: “Beh, now I dev andar because the telephonin is
squilling, sorry.” And the lup went away, but not very away, but to the
nonn`s House. Cappuccett Red, who was very ma very lent, lent un casin,
continued for her sentier in the forest.
The lup arrived at the house, suoned the campanel, e…