Visualizzazione dei post da aprile 28, 2012

L'ho trovataaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Madremia da quanto tempo cercavo questa canzone! Mi piace, ma tantissimo proprio. Me l'ha regalata per caso, una delle persone a me più care in questo periodo! Grande M.! Ti voglio bene It seems true love is so rare Seems all I've known is deceit Your laughter fills the air Once more I'm sensing defeat And I suppose you're leaving me now I was so sure now I'm so full of doubt And I suppose you'll be leaving this place Just like the smile you wiped from my face This time I always gave my best Your memory serves you so badly Some people kill for less Yet I'd still die for you gladly, so gladly But I suppose it's my turn now To play a scene that's familiar somehow I turn the page and you walk away Not even love could bring you to stay This time Walk away So easy Once more I'm learning In the depths of my despair Your lies confirming True love is so rare And I suppose it&