Visualizzazione dei post da dicembre 6, 2012

From Anita, with love

[on the air: per te - jova ] My aunt Chiara has had the greatest influence on my life. She is my mother’s sister and she is 38. She is sporting: she plays basketball, rides motorbike and mountain bike. She is very young-looking and I think is because of this that we get on so well. Since I was little she has been my point of reference. My mother used to work late and my aunt used to pick me up after school, so we spent a lot of time together. Our relation has become stronger and stronger in the years. Frequently people tell us that we resemble each other and in my opinion is because she influenced me more than everyone, both in manners and in appearance.  I have always seen her like a model : she is good-looking, out-going and very intelligent so she’s got a lot of friends and suitors and when I was little I really wanted to be like her.  With her I talk about everything, even my inner thoughts and I know she can help me more than a friend because of her maturity and experien